Does CBD Oil Relieve Anxiety? April 8, 2020 – Posted in: CBD Research – Tags: , , ,

CBD has been one of the hottest subjects in the retail, scientific, and medical fields over the past several decades. It has long been applauded for its pain relief, anxiety relief, cancer treatment, and epilepsy treatment. While we are still learning exactly how powerful CBD is, the amount of strong evidence supporting it is only increasing. 


For those specifically seeking anxiety relief, you’re not alone. In fact, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America reported that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the world with over 40 million adult Americans affected each year (see here). Many will turn to prescription drugs only to suffer from various side effects that simply aren’t worth it. 


CBD has given these people a glimpse of hope when controlling their anxiety in a practical way. While most people shy away from it due to its connection to marijuana, they are two completely different things. CBD will not get you “high” since it doesn’t contain THC, but it will give you a wide variety of benefits that will help you manage anxiety symptoms.


Are There Studies That Support It?


There are a growing number of studies and research being conducted on CBD due to the high demand we are seeing throughout the country right now. 


A study in 2010 found that cannabidiol helped patients deal with social anxiety disorder when in public. Brain scans revealed that they not only felt better when interacting socially, but it also reported a change in the way they responded to anxiety. A similar study in 2011 confirmed that cannabidiol helped with public speaking. 


In 2015, an analysis was conducted and it concluded that CBD was a promising treatment for a variety of health concerns including anxiety. While it asked for more long-term research to be conducted, the evidence has only grown stronger over the years. 



In fact, the Agricultural Improvement Act in 2018 effectively legalized the production of hemp when it removed the plant from the Controlled Substance Act. That caused a major spike in hemp-derived CBD products since the plant contains a healthy dose of the cannabinoid. 


Furthermore, the FDA would later approve a drug called Epidiolex that contains CBD and is used to treat epilepsy. 



How Can You Take CBD Oil for Anxiety?


As we learn more about CBD, we find more exciting ways of consuming it. If you’ve purchased a CBD oil and are wondering how to take it, you’re left with a variety of options.


For anxiety, you’ll want something that acts fast so you can enjoy the effects quicker. This is why a majority of people will choose a topical, but you can also add your CBD oil to your food, beverage, or even take a drop directly under the tongue. 


At Function Botanicals, we offer three different CBD tinctures that give you versatility with your product, but we also provide a transdermal application combined with magnesium for ease-of-use. If you’re interested in learning more about what our products can do for you and your body, contact us today!