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CBD & Magnesium Cream

Message from our Founder

I’ve spent my whole life working in the health a wellness industry, helping people feel and function better. My journey to Function Botanicals is probably not unlike yours. It came from a need to tackle issues that were impacting me, and without resorting to pharmaceuticals.


I’ve played Rugby since primary school, and after finishing a very long career as a semi-professional and multiple times USA Super League champion, it was time to heal my body. My last rugby season literally broke me, and left me with herniations in my cervical and lumbar spine. I know all about pain!


I spent a few years with an incredible Gonstead Chiropractor and physical therapists re-aligning my spine, allowing it to heal. I did everything I could to keep me away from the surgeons knife. It took time, but we mostly got there.


During this time, looking for anything that could help with me getting back to form, I found CBD. I was skeptical and a little reluctant in the beginning, but very quickly realized it power to help manage my pain. Simply put, plant medicine.


After a year of study and research, sourcing the best partners in the business and exploring ingredients, we formulated the first CBD & Magnesium Topical Cream on the market.


Our powerful best-in-class plant botanical products are trusted by some of the most discerning brands out. We are the exclusive CBD Brand for Equinox Hotels, and currently working with NY States largest health system, Northwell Health and Vivo Pharmacy to name a few.


Thank you for exploring Function Botanicals, we are just getting started. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Alastair Greer (Founder)